2/3 of the way through…

So yeah, I’ve made it REALLY FREAKING FAR in the Whole30. I would be lying if I said I enjoy it or that it’s easy. BUT IT COULD BE REALLY REALLY WORHT IT FOR YOU! My biggest issue with the program…I FREAKING HATE MEAT and this has only increased my distaste for meat! I can’t even choke down red meat or fish, so I’m really tired of poultry. There really are only so many things you can do with boneless, skinless chicken breast (The only kind I can tolerate, eating meat off a bone is just not something that interests me). I firmly believe meat is a big part of a healthy, balanced diet…but it’s not what I crave or what makes me feel satisfied. BUT I’m still here!!!!

What do I think?
I think the people in my support group who have auto-immune diseases and food allergies/intolerances are getting SERIOUSLY IMPRESSIVE results. Weight loss, improved mood, improved digestion, decreases symptoms, improved bloodwork..I could go on and on.

How do I feel?
Honestly, tired. This program is not for EVERY body. EVERY SINGLE HUMAN BODY is DIFFERENT! I’m not giving in because I am not someone who backs down or quits and I’m doing this to support the people I care about who are getting incredible results. I didn’t have any reason to believe I had any trouble digesting any of the food groups I’ve given up for the Whole30. I aready cut out white grains, processed foods, and most sugars years ago, and those are the foods that were making me fat and miserable. I already ate a very healthy diet coming into this. I train HARD! Like…really really hard! My body uses healthy grains to the max and my body misses it. My workouts have suffered quite a bit. I’m still pushing play and putting one foot in front of the other…but I feel the difference. My weights have decreases..but they’ll increase rapidly when I add back in the foods that are healthy FOR MY BODY that I’ve been missing. I’m REALLY proud of the will power and discipline I’ve shown thus far! I’m learning how much I’m capable of!

Do I expect results?
Well…I was hoping for improved energ because although I was already high energy…who doesn’t want MORE? Right?!!!! I have maintained roughly my goal weight for 8 years, so weight loss wasn’t my goal here. It was an experiment, motivation to people who I believed DID need it for THEIR bodies, and curiosity. I also had let sugar get a little out of control and needed a strict plan to GET RID OF THE CRAP! Do you know what sugar does to your body and mind? YUCK! But I’m truly addicted to it! Why else would I continually poison myself with it?

What now?
Well…with 7 days left I am CRACKING DOWN. There are RULES and I’ve followed them all to a T (with the exception of Shakeology. I can list a hundred reasons why spending a month without that would have been a horrible decisions for my health). BUT I did not follow ALL the reccommendations. In the last 7 days, I’m pushing hard to tackle those. Raisins have gone OUT THE WINDOW! Goodbye! Fruits are much more limited. I’m getting more vegetables than any normal American farm can provide! I’m still choking down eggs and chicken and turkey and the occasional tuna (yuck!). I really just CAN’T with any other meat! I’m usually a firm believer in not wasting calories on foods you HATE.

What about me???? Like I said, this is an experiment to learn about YOUR OWN body. EVERY person is different. Literally NO TWO PEOPLE are the same, not even identical twins. Amazing right?! I know! I thnk it would do almost everyone some good to TRY IT! I’m excited for the reintegration phase to explore my ideas about all of this and MY body. There are SO MANY recipes to keep things fresh. If you like a lot of different meats, fish, and veggies you will LOVE this.

In summary,, I’m still looking forward to SOME various results and I will share in 17 days when I’m finished up with the elimination and reintegration phases. I’m glad I decided to do this and yes, I think you should too! I mean…you guys…I have a girl who lost 16 pounds in my group within like 2 weeks and she wasn’t very overweight! This is LEGIT for some people and even if you don’t lose 16 pounds, you will learn about your body…knowledge is power!

You better believe I’m counting down the days till dairy and peanut butter return to my life.

What are your questions? I’d love to chat more!


One thought on “2/3 of the way through…”

  1. I love how you write the way you talk. Reading your blog is like having a conversation with you. I also love how motivational you are, and that you understand that what works for Julie, might not work for Suzie.


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