Worthy Wednesday!

Hey boys and girls! It’s Wednesday (At least I think it is), you know what that means. Time to highlight an organization or cause that I feel passionate about and is making a great difference in the world.

Today I want to talk about something taboo, something a lot of society would rather sweep under the rug than face head on. Sexual abuse! Why is this topic on the forefront of my mind right now? Because I have a lot of friends who are Younique representatives and they just got back from their big yearly conference (sorry, I don’t remember what it’s called…I’m not a rep) where they learned that they are partnering with Defend Innocence on a special promotion. So if you are looking for some make up this month…get in touch with a Younique representative! I, of course, am a Health & Fitness Coach partnered with Team Beachbody, who has partnered with International Justice Mission.

Did you know that statistically 1 in 4-5 women have been or will be a victim of sexual assault in their lifetime? That’s a conservative number because so many of these crimes go unreported. Did you know the number for men again, based on statistics and hard to pinpoint, is also very high? This is mind blowing!!! How are there THAT MANY CREEPS in this world? How do THAT MANY people not value human life? What the hell is wrong with us as a society??? Why aren’t we teaching our kids to BE BETTER? That’s easy for me to say, as someone who does not have children…I’m not saying everyone is dropping the ball…but WAY TOO MANY people are!

What can you do to help? There are a lot of great organizations that help children and adults who have been victims of a crime sexual in nature. IJM focuses on justice for the poor. Often times, it’s those in the most desperate of situations who are preyed upon. And while IJM does not focus SPECIFICALLY on sexual crimes, but on violence in general, often these crimes are sexual. Sex trafficking being pretty high up on the list! Defend Innocence lists their mission statement as follows;

We educate parents and empower them to protect their children from sexual abuse while leading a public dialogue to bring the epidemic of abuse to light.” 

Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network(RAINN) is the nation’s largest anti-sexual violence organization. Founded in 1994, they have already helped over 2.3 MILLION people.

These are just a FEW of many organizations that are helping prevent the spread of sexual violence and helping victims cope and take back control. There are SO MANY wonderful organizations out there both local and national. I urge you to educate yourself on at least one!

Here is a short list of just a few, again…there are MANY. If you know of a fantastic organization I should highlight, please comment with info or find me on facebook.com/joanna.lunnen and message me!

Where to visit:
RAINN sexual assault hotline: 800-656-HOPE


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