Worthy Wednesday…a different take

I’m feeling so happy and blessed right now!!!!

Hey boys and girls. It’s Wednesday again and today I want to talk about a different kind of Worthy cause. Not an organization or charity. I want to talk about KINDNESS!!! Do you have any idea how much a SIMPLE gesture can mean to someone?

If you’ve been following me on social or even reading my blog you know the past few months have hit us pretty hard. I’m not the kind of person to get all gloomy and wallow in self-pity. I’m the person looking for a way to improve each negative situation, correct the situation, or cope if it’s beyond my control. I trust God, I am not very fearful, I always believe things will look up (and they always have). Today I checked the mail and there was an envelope in there with no return address. I’m expecting a wedding invitation and thought that was what I was opening, but when I opened it…I found a super cute little card with a hand written note inside. There was a Lowe’s gift card inside. The note made me cry so much, tears of joy. The anonymous sender said some really nice things about my husband and I and just wanted to shed some light during a rough time for us. It meant so much more to me than the amount of the gift card. It meant so much more than something to help with the basement, or to help us with our lawn or go toward a grill that we so badly want. It just means SO MUCH to know that there are kind people out there who care about us.

I have sent out anonymous blessings before, and I do believe what you put out into the world you get back. I know what you give with a kind heart, God will bless you with even more. BUT I didn’t expect it to be so literal. Like to get something in the mail like that! I KNOW it feels GREAT to be the kindness you want to see in the world, but let me tell you…it also feels great to be the one receiving such kindness!

Today I encourage you to do a random act of kindness. Actually, why not do one all week and see what happens, do it for a month…or every Saturday…watch how it comes back to you and how you bless people. You NEVER KNOW what someone is going through, even a stranger on the street. You never know what smile or kind word might mean to them. You never know how much the person with the cardboard sign might actually NEED five bucks! TELL your cashier or customer service rep on the phone when they made your day, tell them if they are doing a fantastic job. Tell your waitress she is stunning (in a non-creepy way of course). Let’s all share more positive thoughts and actions! Bless, and be blessed!!!


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