What Genes???

How many reasons do I need?


I am not chasing after an image, I am not chasing after a weight. I am chasing after numbers though…I want a LOWER 5k time. I want MORE reps. But most of all, I want MORE YEARS to live this beautiful life we’re all blessed with and I want those years to be lived independently & healthy as long as possible! If I can be the 96 year old who still lives in her own home, makes her own meals, and travels that would awesome!!!

I’ve already stated this week, I’m struggling right now to maintain the level of fitness I had been maintaining for quite some time. My GENES don’t want me to be fast, athletic, strong, or fit. None of that came naturally to me! Heck, my genes wouldn’t even dictate I be healthy. Dig back just a few generations and my family history isn’t all sunshine & roses. There is cancer, heart disease, alzheimer’s, diabetes, arthritis, asthma, allergies, alcoholism, depression, anxiety, digestive disorders…I could go on.

I know some of these diseases are not understood, they very well may be completely random and unavoidable. Some of them are still QUITE a medical mystery. However, some diseases are 100% avoidable and brought on by our own poor choices. I will not go looking for those! If an unavoidable disease finds me, well…I better be in good fighting shape for it huh?

I love the feeling of accomplishment I have gotten each time I hit a milestone. The first time I passed a PT test after failing for too long. The first time I realized it was a given that I would pass and I no longer had to fear failure. The first time I maxed my PT test score. The first time I ran a race. The first time I ran 5 miles, then 10 miles, then 15 miles. The first time I completed a brutal workout program from start to finish (P90X) and each one I’ve completed since.

I love the feeling of blood rushing through my veins when I work out. I love HOW FREE I feel when I run. I love how strong I feel when I press play. I love feeling like sweat pouring out of my body is cleansing my body of anything it doesn’t want! I love the feeling of knowing what I’m putting into my body will nourish it and help it to perform at high levels. I love the feeling of pride and accomplishment when I don’t poison my body. I’m not talking arsenic and meth, I’m talking McDonalds, sugar, hotdogs, and soda-pop. I love how my body no longer even wants most of that garbage. I will always struggle with sweets…but I love the days that go by without sugar!

Yes, my genes make it harder for me than it is for some people. My genes also make it easier for me than it is for some people. We are all different but we can all achieve health (at least outside of those issues we can’t avoid or understand) if we strive for it. My genes mean I will never look a certain way, but that doesn’t mean I can’t look good! I will never be 5’9, I will always be a bit of a pear. But I can be the fastest, strongest, sexiest pear out there!

My genes DO NOT determine who I am. I DO! The choices I make day in and day out! Thank God!


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