Come Back Kid!!!

Let’s talk setbacks!
They can happen to all of us…at any time. The thing about a setback is, you usually don’t see it coming or don’t know how quickly it will spiral out of control. Setbacks come in the form of injury, illness, life-changing events, devastating news, loved ones needing help, stress, depression, chaos, even things that are great for your life, like a marriage or new career opportunity can become a fitness setback!

The important thing is to know that YOU CAN COME BACK!

I JUST came back from a week long setback! I went out of town for two days with friends and got a phone call that changed my plans! I was on my way home to return to my normal activities when I got a call that a family member had been hospitalized, so I turned around and spent the week in Maryland. It wasn’t that I didn’t have access to Beachbody On Demand, or a place to run, or even a gym if I wanted to pay drop in fees, I just felt that I should be with my family. We spent all hours of the day in the hospital, we ate more fast food than I typically eat in a year. We didn’t have the time or energy to cook meals. Emotional exhaustion is so much more tolling on your body than physical exhaustion. I chose to put my loved ones first and figure the rest out later. I made the best choices I could at the restaurants. I chose places I knew I could get a somewhat nutritious meal. Nothing like I eat at home, but at least I could get a chicken sammy with a whole grain bun (Thanks Smashburger) or a chicken burrito bowl with brown rice & black beans (Thanks Chipotle). I DID have my precious Shakeology to get me through. It was my only source of truly phenomenal nutrition for a week and is what kept my energy up and kept me going.

My point is, you never know what life has in store for you. You never know where you may get called to be, what your job situation may become, what home ownership will throw your way. It doesn’t matter the reason you are taking time away from your healthy habits. Maybe you’re in an accident and can’t work out for a period of time. Maybe your house caught on fire and you don’t have a kitchen to cook in. The important thing is you do your best and GET BACK TO IT when you can!

I did gain a few lbs and I am weaker than I was 2 weeks ago. I got right back to my routine yesterday after returning home Sunday night. I had to modify where I hadn’t been modifying before. I had to take it a little slower than usual. It made me sweatier than usual. It was hard. IT WAS WORTH IT! 2 days in, I feel like I’m on track to losing the few pounds I gained (guessing by clothes and a mirror, I don’t own a scale by choice), I’m back on track to gaining my strength and being on top of my game again. Depending on your setback it may take you longer…and that’s OKAY!!! It’s never too late to return to a healthy habit and it’s never too late to start new ones! Make yourself proud! Live your life to the FULLEST!

In all honesty, I would and likely will do it again because of the circumstances. I will try to make better preparations and choices when I return to Maryland…BUT the most important thing is family!


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