I know, but…

I know, I know…I’ve been a little MIA. And it’s Wednesday. I promise to highlight more worthy causes very soon…but right now I have tunnel vision. All I can think about is one topic and it’s getting my undivided attention.

INSANITY MAX:30! Have you heard of it? Do you know the perfection that is Shaun T? Not only is he beautiful on the outside, he is SO beautiful on the inside. So full of genuine love and hope for others. When I met him, I could see right through to his soul, I swear! ❤ Definitely one of my top celebrity crushes! (I know, he’s married, and I’m not his type…but I don’t mean that type of crush even though he is easy on the eyes…I mean his heart is GOLD!) Shaun brought us the beauty of getting IT DONE in only 25 minutes and the torture of an hour of INSANE RESULTS with Insanity, two of the most awesome workout programs EVER created and then he decided to fast-forward all the beauty and torture of Insanity and put it into a 30 MINUTE program call INSANITY MAX:30.

The idea is MAX interval training. You go AS HARD AS YOU CAN..until, you CAN’T. This is when you MAX OUT! At that point you take a little break and get back in the game and go as far as you can. I completed this program over a year ago, and I feel like not enough people are excited about it, probably more accurately, people are afraid of it. It’s not for everybody, but if you are SERIOUS about getting results and have a baseline of fitness…it’s time to calm your nerves and take the plunge!



Was it worth it? YESSSSSS!!!!!

Fat absolutely just MELTED off of my body. I actually got a little leaner than I wanted to be on the program but there was no fat! I would say without a doubt, this is one of THE MOST effective programs EVER created for rapid weight loss. This program is SWEAT INDUCING LIKE NOTHING I’VE EVER DONE! I also gained unbelievable speed and endurance. I’m a runner and after completing this program during the winter and not running in conjunction with the program, I was FLOORED by how drastically I improved my performance as a runner!

While I would not recommend this program for a true beginner, if you have tackled another program like the 21 Day Fix, Fix extreme, P90X, or Insanity, I would STRONGLY recommend you do this if your goal is speed, stamina, and/or fat loss.

Why am I thinking about this program now? Well, it’s always been and will be one of my top 3 FAVORITE workout programs. I love Insanity, T-25, The Asylum, and all things Shaun T, but Max:30 is one of my soul mate workouts! It was made for me and me for it! (Just like me and Shaun T!) IT’S ALSO ON SALE THIS MONTH!!! I am planning to coach a hand full of lucky people one on one through the 60 day program. Would you like to be one of them???


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