Worthy Wednesday

Well…I hinted at it all over social media…here it is! When I attended an AH-MAZING event this past Saturday in the D.C area, it was because I wanted to workout with Mr. Tony Freaking Horton!

What I did not expect was the amazing contribution Beachbody made to an organization called The Mission Continues. Y’all know veterans have my heart! Of course, when I heard a representative from the organization telling the story of how it came to be…I knew I had to learn more. The idea blossomed from veterans who were injured too badly to return to duty wanting to continue to serve in some way. This desire to serve does not surprise me.

Whatever the mission, there will always be outstanding men and women ready to rise to the challenge. The mission continues sets veterans up with a new mission when they return home and are separated from the military. Veterans use their skills learned in service to handle operations in cities throughout the country working alongside non-profit partners and community leaders to tackle issues facing these communities. They work missions such as, improving community education resources, eliminating food deserts, mentoring at-risk youth and more. Veterans are able to build new skills and networks to help them reintegrate to life after service. They are also making a real impact on these communities and inspiring future generations to serve.

There are volunteer platoons and fellowships available to veterans. It’s a great way to build a strong network among other veterans and the community. Volunteers can work one day at a time or apply for a 6 month fellowship with a cost of living stipend. Donations of time or monetary donations are always appreciated. For more information I encourage you to visit:




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