About JoAnna!

A lot of new people are following my blog from my shares on facebook, so I thought I should take a minute to tell you a little bit about me.

I am an Army Veteran, a Health & Fitness Coach, a certified P90X and Insanity Live Instructor, An avid runner and fitness apparel addict! I am a wife, hoping to become a mommy in the very near future. I’m an Aunt to A LOT of really amazing kids ranging from 7 months to 17 years old. My mission is to spread a passion for healthy living to as many as possible. I believe small changes have a ripple effect throughout the world. You never know what will inspire someone to take control of their health and might result in them living a longer, happier life. It could be my sweaty selfie or yours. It could be one healthy recipe that shows them eating right can taste really good too! It can be the story of how I helped my mom overcome diabetes, it can be YOUR transformation story!


My fitness journey. In 2007 I was at my highest weight and lowest point in self esteem and self respect. I was an Army Reservist at the time and about to go on active duty. I used that as an excuse to let myself go even farther, gaining more weight because I had mixed emotions and was spending EVERY MINUTE with my fiance, friends and family, feeling guilty about leaving them. I also had the mindset that I would lose weight on active duty. I felt SO uncomfortable in my own skin. I was also FAILING my PT test, and I assumed active duty would be the magic cure for this as well. When I got to Ft. Benning, GA in January, 2008,  I did not lose weight as I expected, in fact PT was not a big part of my mission. We were essentially too busy for PT with our workdays starting around 0500. Needless to say, I was not impressed. I was able to hide my body most of the time in my uniform (they aren’t made for women). BUT the evenings or days off when I would be out and about, I was always wearing a jacket…IN GEORGIA…IN THE SUMMER! It was 102 degrees and 90 percent humidity and I was sweating in a jacket! I needed it to cover my love handles and rolls. I spent HOURS finding the right jackets and clothing to cover myself and create an illusion that I was thinner than I actually was. I started running with a friend and a little bit of weight came off. I worked on my own in the evenings on my PT and was able to pass regularly, but the fear was always in my stomach that I might fail. I joined a really intense PT program during a 5 week training period and some more weight came off…I was doing better with PT but still pretty nervous every time I had to take a PT test. They really could have gone either way depending on how I felt that day and how hard I’d been working.DSCN1892

ENTER P90X. The same friend who turned me on to running introduced me to P90X. I started at the end of the year and went through early 2009. By the time I finished 90 days I had lost, in total, 35 pounds and was lowest weight I could remember for my wedding in May, 2009. I had muscles I had never seen before and was doing fantastic on my PT tests. The fear was no longer there. I decided to get back into it after my wedding and that led to me being able to MAX my PT test. I went from PT FAILURE TO PT STUD from doing P90X. I was now doing more push ups than some of the men and running faster than most of the men in my unit. What a difference. I NEVER worried again that I might fail a PT Test. I’m now 3 years removed from the Army and still test myself out of curiosity, I can still maintain the maximum score! I no longer wear jackets unless the weather requires one. I used to be the girl on the beach in shorts and a t-shirt, now I’m the girl on the beach in a bikini.


In 2012 I started hearing about a product from the same company behind my beloved P90X and Tony Horton (of course I was a huge fan). It was called Shakeology and it was supposedly the greatest nutritional supplement out there. I wanted it so bad!!! Hey, if Tony Freaking Horton was drinking it…it must be fantastic! I had done a few beachbody programs by that point and trusted the company and loved what they stood for. Yet for some reason, I kept talking myself out of trying Shakeology. I could at the time, easily afford it. I was earning more money than I ever had before, I was thriving in the military, married, and had no children to support. I was already spending at least that much making my own green smoothies that weren’t as healthy. I’m just plain stubborn. I have no excuse. It wasn’t until 2014 (When I was a civilian earning far less than I had on active duty) that I FINALLY got on board when I was ready to purchase P90X3. Keep my amazing results in only 30 minutes as opposed to the HOUR I was used to with P90X and Insanity??? OK!!! I decided at that time to purchase a Challenge Pack, Shakeology AND P90x3. My Coach encouraged me to join her Accountability group, which I did not think I needed but WOW! I can’t even tell you how much I got out of that. I thought I could do it just fine on my own like I had before… I’ve been a challenger ever since! With Shakeology, the accountability group, a personal coach, and 30 minute workouts I got in even better shape than I was with healthy eating, P90X, and running an hour per day!!! I cut WAY back on running and still managed to earn my best body EVER! I loved everything about the accountability group, Shakeology, and all the workouts so much that I decided I needed to be a coach! I learned the ropes and started running my own accountability groups and helping people find the best solutions to their health & fitness goals. Now I’m able to PAY IT FORWARD! It changed my life and can change yours too. I’m helping others WHILE helping myself and I’m fitter every month!


This is my PHYSICAL transformation story. That’s not even to mention the financial reward, gained confidence, friendships, and sense of purpose this journey has given me! I LOVE what I do! If you’ve got health & fitness goals, I would LOVE to be your personal coach and help you achieve success. If you’ve got financial goals, I would love to teach you how Coaching could help you achieve those goals as well!

Contact me at facebook.com/joanna.lunnen
OR joannalunnen@gmail.com


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