Worthy Wednesday!

I saw this video a few days ago and it honestly moved me to tears! I have had a heart for the homeless for as long as I can remember. In 7th grade I did a huge like 9 week section long research paper the homeless crisis. It’s such a huge problem in the world, but even in our own back yards! I was not raised in a major city. I grew up an hour outside of Pittsburgh. Not the highest homeless population by any means. However, even in my little community there was a homeless shelter, at least one that I knew of.

People are homeless for a variety of reason. They are not all addicts, and even if someone is and addict…do they not deserve compassion? Should there be no help for them? Too many people are too quick to judge and assume the people on the streets are there by choice. Living in the DC metro area for 6 years I heard people talking with this attitude far too often.

It’s easy to give a couple bucks to the person on the street corner, pretty easy even to buy them a meal, or carry blessing bags in your car filled with granola bars, cash, gum, whatever. Those are wonderful things to do, all things I have done. BUT THIS…this is taking it a step farther. This is an incredible blessing. Treating homeless individuals with respect and dignity, opening up OPPORTUNITIES for education and work in the culinary field. God bless everyone who participates in these events!

ECS of Kansas City is doing AMAZING things, and I hope and expect it will spread to other cities as well. Watch this incredible video to see true beauty and love!

Also, Visit the link below for more info on the Culinary Cornerstones Training Program:


Visit the link below to make a contribution or learn more!



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