Worthy Wednesday!!!

Hey y’all it’s Wednesday again…you know what that means! Let’s talk about helping! You know, if you help someone, and they help someone, and they help someone…do you see where I’m going with this? Are you alive today? Can you feel the breath in your lungs? You are blessed my friends…pay it forward!

Today’s worthy cause is one that is VERY near and dear to my heart for a few different reasons. Habitat for Humanity. What is Habitat for Humanity’s vision? I’m glad you asked: A world where everyone has a decent place to live. Their mission statement: “Seeking to put God’s love into action, Habitat for Humanity brings people together to build homes, communities and hope.” What’s not to love?

Habitat for Humanity has helped to build or repair over 600,000 houses, serving more than 3 million people worldwide. Through volunteer labor, monetary and material donations, Habitat has been able to make this happen and is still going strong.

What Habitat is not…a handout (not that there is anything wrong with a handout, not everyone has led the charmed life I have). Habitat for Humanity works with families who provide hundreds of hours of sweat equity and the house becomes more affordable to a family who may otherwise not be able to afford or qualify for a traditional mortgage because habitat makes no money on the sale of the home. The homeowners must meet certain criteria to qualify, such as a level of need and the ability to pay for the home. These are hard working families who simply do not earn enough money to go buy a decent home at traditional prices where a builder, seller, and realtors are earning a living.

Why do I love this program? Well, it’s one I personally have volunteered countless hours for. It’s EXTREMELY rewarding to put your own sweat and time into helping someone achieve “The American Dream.” Knowing I painted that wall. I planted that flower bed. I helped level that yard. Children who otherwise may have been living on their Grandma’s floor or in a homeless shelter will play in the yard I helped create is an incredible feeling! Not enough of a reason to ignite passion in your heart? How about the fact that I grew up in one! My father has always been one of the hardest working men I’ve known. Never unemployed, my parents don’t waste money, they just got married young and had four kids to feed. They were never handed anything in life. If it weren’t for Habitat they would not have been able to own the home I grew up in. It was nothing fancy, it was small. We crammed 6 people into a small one story 3 bedroom, 1 bath ranch. But it was OURS. They helped build it, they paid for it, they earned it.

Ways to help: You can help Habitat in various ways. If you are a skilled craftsman or laborer…my God, please give some of your time and talent! If not, that’s fine there are people there to show you the ropes and they will put you to use on whatever tasks you can do from painting to planting. You can volunteer your time and labor or make donations. To learn more visit http://www.habitat.org

What better way to spend a few Saturdays. Take the whole family and teach your kids the value of helping others. I think it’s especially important that teenagers do this type of labor. I know it did me a world of good.


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