AN HOUR…and it was great!

This morning I lifted heavy weights…for an hour! It was great!
Every day is NOT like this, but I have a big goal to crush. Most days I press play to a 22-35 minute workout and that’s plenty to keep me in tip top shape. But my goals are ever-changing, so must be my action in pursuit of them. It’s hard but I’m pretty darn fit now, so it’s not as hard as it used to be!
Do you know why I love to set and crush goals?
Because goals are something that are still sort of new to me. They thrill me, make me feel so ALIVE. You see, I never used to have goals. Or at least not ones that I would say out loud to anyone! I used to be Miss play it safe! If I didn’t try to chase a goal or dream, I couldn’t really be disappointed or hurt when nothing happened right? The problem is A. That’s NOT REALLY true. There was still hurt and disappointment. B. That will get you nowhere pretty fast!
Imagine me just sort of floating through life, going to college because I didn’t know what else to do (since I didn’t have dreams or goals). By the way, I didn’t know why I was even in college because I had no major. So I sat in on a few classes one day, because my advisor recommended I do so, and randomly picked a major that wasn’t seeded in any sort of goal, desire, or passion…I just thought the people in the class were decent, the professor was pretty cool, and what the heck else was I going to do? I knew this wasn’t going to make me happy so I joined the Army. I didn’t connect with the right people fast enough and fall into a bad rut. Then I was in college for something meaningless to me, not making the most of my Army career, overweight, and failing to meet Army fitness standards. OOPS! These are the types of things that happen when you don’t take CONTROL and seek a deeper purpose in your life! When you don’t find or follow your passion, what’s your purpose?
Fast forward a few years and a few jobs later and something FINALLY is born within my soul. I develop a passion!!! I still don’t realize that this new passion comes with goals, and means more than just getting myself fit. I fall in love with running, even though I am just total crap at it. THEN I’m introduced to something that changes EVERYTHING! A fitness routine unlike anything I’ve experienced in a gym or in the Army. Something I identify with that transforms my body and my mind. All of a sudden I’m pretty fit, lean, and FAST! Now I can have much more fun with this new running thing! It’s what sets my heart on fire but I’m still not quite catching on to the fact that it’s a CALLING!
It was still several years of being fit and happy before I hit a low point in my professional life. I had ended my military career, for good reason…following a family goal, but still…I had left without ever fully taking advantage of the opportunity I had in front of me. I had gone through a string of jobs that were not getting me anywhere and not impressive in any way. I was working way too many hours, through holidays, family gatherings, friends weddings, evenings I should have been spending with my husband. The work I was doing didn’t make a difference in the world. Didn’t impact anyone’s life in any profound way. Actually, outside of my Army career, nothing I had done for a paycheck was of significance in the world. Not like it was to be a soldier. Not like it is to be a teacher, a mother, a father, a doctor, a cop, a firefighter, a nurse, I could go on and on about meaningful careers. The point is…mine was not one of them! I wasn’t helping anyone! I realized I had done it to myself. Why on earth had I been doing JOBS for a measly paycheck when I could earn money pursuing my PASSION and HELPING others! For 32 years I had been afraid to lead my life with Passion!!!

NOT ANYMORE! Now I am following my passion and taking my little fitness career, which has really been a side gig until now, to the NEXT LEVEL! In order to be successful I have a few projects up my sleeve. So grab yourself some kale chips (LOL), sit back with a tall glass of water, and watch me go! I promise the story will be interesting!

Live life passionately!



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