Let’s talk about….RUNNING!

Hi boys and girls! Let’s talk…about what you ask? Fitness of course! Particularly one of my favorite forms of fitness, RUNNING!

Running makes me feel so FREE! I feel like a bird soaring through the sky. I feel like an animal whose just been freed from a cage. It’s the most natural thing for the human body to do. I feel like my heart is soaring….it’s just so invigorating! It makes me feel so ALIVE!

Have you ever really tried it? If not, please, do yourself a favor and give it a go! It’s okay to start small. When I started I couldn’t go one mile without a break. I shuffled so slow a power walker could beat me! Now I have the endurance to run a half marathon and I’m pretty fast too! Sure, my running adventures have been years in the making…but that time would have passed regardless. I could still be walking my way to chaffed thighs but I’m much happier sprinting 35 pounds lighter than when I started my fitness journey. I’m always pushing myself to improve. When I have a setback, I push myself to get back on par with where I had been, but honestly, the biggest advances came within the first year. That’s when I went from not being able to pull off a mile at a slow pace to being able to go 8 miles at a decent pace. Isn’t that cool? It’s amazing what the human body can do in only one year!

There are the OBVIOUS physical benefits to running. You’re very likely to lose weight if you aren’t treating yourself to icecream or donuts after your run, you’re going to drastically improve your heart health, you could eliminate or drastically cut down on asthma symptoms, you can build lean muscle, the list goes on. BUT what you can’t see on the outside…what running can do for your mind! It’s my therapy. Every time something bad happens in life…my first response now is “I need to run.” There really is probably no better way to clear your mind and get your head together. There is the confidence you gain from running. Go ahead, take a look behind you…only to see how far you’ve come! Even if it’s only a lap around your house…take that in for a moment. Realize that you just did something you thought you couldn’t do! Set a goal…and work toward it! First it was my goal to run 1 mile straight. Then 2, then 3. Then it was my goal to improve my speed and pass an Army PT test, then to complete a 10k. Then it was my goal to MAX the Army PT test…and I DID! I’m not sure I will ever have the desire to run a full marathon, but a half is easy-peasy for me now (Ok…it’s kind of grueling, but fun and totally do-able!)

There might be setbacks, shin splints, struggles to find the best shoe for YOU (everyone is different, I’m a Nike snob but I know so many runners who swear by more $$$ shoes that I’ve tried and now they sit in my trunk for running emergencies. You know…when you’re home visiting and a friend says “do you want to run?” LOL…hey, a girl can dream right? Really it’s more of a habit I developed in the Army in case I forgot my PT shoes in the morning…I would always have a pair in the car). There will be times when your running buddy moves away or has back surgery, or has a baby, the weather sucks, or you lose your motivation and don’t run for a few months…it’s okay…get back out there..it’s worth it!!!

I’m HUGE into cross training for many reasons…which for me means the best quality at-home workouts, but that’s a whole other post…I could go on and on about P90X, Insanity, and much more.

If you do ONE thing today…JUST GO FOR A SHORT RUN! You’ll learn to love it, I promise. It will take most likely take time, but you will!





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