RESULTS MHC & 3 Day Refresh

Hey Hey Hey…Time to report my results from The Masters Hammer and Chisel followed by the 3 Day Refresh!

Masters Hammer and Chisel:
I LOVED MHC and will very likely do it again soon. The workouts vary in length but tend to average about 30 minutes. I was looking to gain muscle mass and without getting fat! That’s what I love about this program. It simultaneously builds muscle while leaning you out for a sculpted look.

I don’t own a scale but when I’m curious and trying to report results to other coaches, clients, and friends I use my parents scale as much as possible. My body frequently responds this way when I start a new program so it came as no surprise to me that during the first 5-6 weeks of the program, I gained about 8 pounds. I still fit my clothes perfectly fine and didn’t look any bigger (hence my not caring about a scale). During the last 2 weeks or so of the program I lost that weight pretty rapidly. When you are my size and fitness level, 5 pounds in 2 weeks is QUITE FAST! Last time I checked the scale I still had a few days left in the program and had lost 5 of the 8 pounds gained. I’m not sure where I stand with the scale at this time, but again…I don’t care.

I feel and see results all over, but the biggest change was my booty. My butt became higher and tighter. The results in my butt were very similar to the results Brazil Butt Lift had given me. I haven’t completed BBL in about 4 years so my butt was due for a little attention. My legs also became VERY firm. They don’t necessarily look much different. I can see the difference but I’m not sure anyone else would, but they feel like rocks. My upper thighs/saddlebags/into my hips are one of my biggest problem areas and I was pleased to see how high up on my thigh MHC tightened things up! It’s pretty easy for me to get my quads rock solid but beyond that I tend to struggle. Even my hamstrings became very solid and firm! I can’t say enough good things about what this program did for my lower body!

My arms and shoulders. This is an area I’m working very hard on and it did not really change. I was a little disappointed that there weren’t more bicep focused moves in MHC and while it did seem that there was plenty of shoulder work and my shoulders got stronger, they didn’t get bigger. So far my favorite workout for arms and shoulders is from the original P90X. Many women would probably be thrilled with the results in this area but I want mine BIGGER than most women. Personal goals, to each his/her own.

My back is DEFINITELY stronger and more defined. The program had a lot of pull ups and chin ups which can be done with the resistance band or pull up assist band if you aren’t able to knock out 10 or more pull ups on a bar. Even using the resistance band for many of the pull ups and chin ups I gained some SERIOUS strength. My chest also got much stronger and I feel much more muscle definition there. I had started to slip with my push up abilities but this program got me right back to my peak.

My abs didn’t see much change. I should point out that my body is naturally inclined to hold weight in my stomach, butt, hips, and thighs like you wouldn’t believe and that I’m NOT at all inclined to build even slightly bulky muscles. I will get the big muscles I’m after. It will just take more time and a closer, very detailed look at nutrition and nutrient timing.

While it’s easy to get discouraged when you see other people getting what you view as better results, it’s important to remember that we are all different. No two people have the same genetic make up or daily activities. I’m very pleased with my results, but I did witness other challengers getting far more drastic visible results.


3 Day Refresh:

Immediately following completion of MHC I jumped into my FIRST time taking on the 3 Day Refresh. I was terrified that I would STARVE and be HANGRY! I thought I would have to sleep for 3 straight days to make it through lol. The Refresh includes a daily serving of Shakeology but it has to be made with water (I’m used to skim milk or almond milk) so that was a slight change for me. I drink Vegan Chocolate Shakeology so it was still quite delicious with water, I’m just a dairy fiend and prefer milk. The Shakeology was the highlight of my day (no surprise there…I love the stuff). The rest of the day is made up of an orange fiber sweep drink which is not particularly tasty and 2 servings of Vanilla Refresh, which was not tasty at all! I added pure vanilla extract and cinnamon to mine to make it more acceptable. Then you are allowed to pick certain fruit, vegetable, and healthy fat options for the day. I was very surprised by the amount of choices given for each category and by how MUCH food I was able to eat. I had seen other people complete this and it seemed like NO FOOD to me. But reading the options I realize now those people were choosing the SMALLEST portions for each meal! For example, with dinner you can have a few asparagus spears or a whole big salad. Well, just because you like asparagus doesn’t mean it’s the wisest choice if you’re hungry lol. I was actually not really hungry throughout the program. It was hard for me to not reach for treats (while my treats are healthy they are still treats. Things like nuts, quest bars, too much fruit, etc.) but that’s the point of the refresh! To break you of bad habits and help you realize what you actually need to eat.

Results!!! Again, with no scale I can’t tell you anything about weight but my guess would be I lost about 3 pounds (I’m pretty good at this game as I know my body VERY well and have been at this fitness thing a hot minute). All I can tell you is that during the 3 days, especially the first two, I felt very bloated probably from the fiber sweep (which did NOT make me run to the restroom) and all the water. I went to bed last night thinking I hadn’t really accomplished much. This morning I woke up and after I disposed of all the water I’d been drinking lol, I realized I was looking much slimmer and no more bloating. I feel great today!

Overall in 3 days I lost 1 inch off my waist, 1/2 inch off my hips, and 1/2 off each thigh. Those are all I measured because that’s my struggle. I’m feeling refreshed and ready to make better choices with food.

Overall, I’m a very very happy girl! ❤

hammer time



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