Worthy Wednesday!

As you may have heard…this is a very hard time for Kanye and Kim. He is 53 million dollars in debt…because life has just been really hard for him and his wife is by no means rich. HE NEEDS OUR HELP!


All kidding aside, let’s talk about an actual worthy cause! THON!!!

Chances are if you are from Pennsylvania you already know a lot about THON. Chances are if you live in America you have at least heard of THON. While I am not a Penn State University Alumni, my husband is, and I can TOTALLY get on board with THON.

THON is the largest student-run philanthropy in the world!  The Penn State IFC/Panhellenic Dance Marathon (affectionately known as THON) is a yearlong effort to raise funds and awareness for the fight against pediatric cancer.  Since 1977, THON has raised more than $127 million for Four Diamonds at Penn State Hershey Children’s Hospital. Their mission is to provide emotional and financial support to children and families impacted by childhood cancer, raise awareness, and ensure funding for research. With the ultimate goal being of course, a cure!

You have probably seen volunteers collecting donations at busy intersections and shopping districts throughout the year. It all leads up to THON weekend, which will begin Friday, February 19th at 6:00 p.m. and end on Sunday Frebruary 21st at 4:00 p.m. THON is a 46-hour no-sleeping, no-sitting dance marathon held every February. Students, volunteers, and Four Diamonds families join together in Penn State’s Bryce Jordan Center. For 46 hours, volunteers give kids and their families the opportunity to forget about their cancer diagnosis. 700+ students are recognized as dancers for THON Weekend, a feat that entails standing on their feet for the entirety of the weekend.

Events include a pep rally featuring PSU athletes, fashions shows featuring Four Diamonds children, and lots of dancing! In the final four hours there are the much anticipated family speeches, a recognition of all families battling childhood cancer, and the fundraising total reveal! THON Weekend is open to the public unless otherwise stated due to building capacity of the Bryce Jordan Center. I had the pleasure of attending a portion of THON weekend at BJC several years ago when my husband and I were dating. It was an amazing and touching experience. I would be hard pressed to see volunteers out there with those buckets collecting donations for THON and not make a contribution!


I’m glad you asked! visit thon.org for more information and to make a donation!

God Bless!



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