I read some articles today on protein supplements…and the comments were DISTURBING! The number of women who believed that 150 calories was FAR TOO MANY calories for a meal replacement if your goal is weight loss…SHOCKING!

I have been researching for YEARS. I have taken nutrition classes, read countless books, and gone through years of my own trial and error. You name it…I’ve tried it, unfortunately, to my own harm. One of the things I tried…a very restrictive diet for a few weeks…you know what happened…I gained pure fat! I was young and dumb and just didn’t know any better.

What finally worked for me??? HARD WORK and REAL food! I learned that walking on the treadmill, jogging, playing with machines…these things were NOT going to get me anywhere in a hurry…or at all. I had to PUSH out of my comfort zone and I had to NOURISH my body. I get my best results when my calories are at a reasonable level and I’m getting plenty of protein…I don’t stress over macros but they are important…they have to be close to sensible. You need a good balance of protein, healthy carbs, healthy fats, etc… It’s pretty hard to get that healthy balance if you’re consuming less than 1200 calories a day (I generally consume far more).

LADIES….LISTEN…150 calories is a small snack! Yes, if your goal is weight loss you likely need to cut your calories…but cutting to an unhealthy low is only going to backfire. You will not have the energy to push through the tough workouts you SHOULD BE DOING if you actually want to lose weight…and your body will not function properly for weight loss because it’s not nourished.

SO PLEASE LADIES, I BEG OF YOU…STOP STARVING YOURSELVES!!! IT’S NOT GOING TO WORK! In the rare case that you are good enough at it to make it work…it’s not sustainable or healthy. You will likely gain back more than you lost and have some negative health issues because of it! You’ve all heard (and maybe experienced) when you are pregnant the baby will TAKE whatever it needs from you…at the expense of your health and your body…your deprived body is no different…we are hardwired for SURVIVAL. Your body will rob your muscle, your teeth, your skin cells, your bones and more to SURVIVE!




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