I wasn’t always fit

I HATE hearing things like “you are naturally fit” “you would never get fat” The truth is, I was headed that way. I was steadily gaining about 10-15lbs per year…that was 8 years ago when I decided it HAD TO STOP! If I hadn’t made changes I would be 80 lbs heavier THAN I WAS THEN. I would be headed for 250lbs if I kept it up at that rate!

THANK GOD I heard the wake up call! Even as a fairly thin teenager, I was not FIT. I was NEVER an athlete, always had a tummy, and just not confident. I joined a gym and was discouraged with my results. I joined the Army and was discouraged with my results. I was overweight by medical chart standards…overweight by the Army standards, and miserable. My NCOIC (basically my boss for all my non-military peeps) watched everything I ate…I felt I was under constant judgement. Everyone in my unit knew I failed to meet the standard. I felt as though everyone was watching and judging. I was nothing but salads and slim fast….IT DIDN’T WORK! When everyone left for the day, I had to stay late and do EXTRA PT (workout more, again for my non-military peeps). I was also at that point failing my PT test 😦 I had gone from being pretty good at PT in training to feeling like I was living a life of failure. I was officially too fat, weak, and slow for the Army. IT SUCKED!!!

Fast forward through a few years of struggling…. I met a soldier in a new unit who was a WONDERFUL example and got me turned on to running! He worked with me every day until I could JUST BARELY pass my PT test. It felt great to pass and I had lost a little weight, but I was still overweight and still afraid every test…would I pass or fail??? Then that same soldier turned me on to P90X…CHANGED MY LIFE!

Not only did I drop about 30-35 lbs of fat…I gained muscle! I was doing push ups like a man! I went from failing my PT tests or BARELY passing by the skin of my teeth to MAXING my PT test. Do you know how that felt? Can you imagine going from a FAILURE to being ELITE!??? Maxing means I got 100% (I actually got above 100%) in all three events. It meant I was doing more push ups than a lot of the men, doing so many sit ups in 2 minutes, and running FAST! REALLY FAST for a female! FASTER THAN A LOT OF MEN!

This did not happen over night. It took SWEAT and tears and probably blood I’ve forgotten about. I fell in love with fitness and have never looked back. I became a machine! I am now AN ATHLETE, I am FAST, I am STRONG, I CAN DO HARD THINGS! LIKE REALLY, REALLY HARD THINGS! OH YEAH…and the least important part I often forget about in the glory of how great I feel…Those 30-35lbs…I’ve kept them off for 7 years…yeah, I said SEVEN YEARS! This became such a part of my life that it is now my profession. I am a certified Insanity & P90X (my precious P90X) Live Instructor and a Health & Fitness Coach. I am confident in my skin! I don’t care who watches me eat!!! In fact, now I publicly share on social media what I eat!!! Watch me work it world!

The confidence, happiness, and strength are huge…but the most precious gift of all…LIFE! If I had continued down the road I was on 8 years ago…I would have most likely lived a sickly life and died young. I could have been plagued with diabetes, heart disease, increased risk of stroke, and more. Now I am much more likely to live an active, long, healthy life free from avoidable disease. #WORTHIT

No matter what program you are following to get into shape, know this: YOU CAN NOT outrun a bad diet. You CAN NOT out cross fit, out TRX, out Insanity, out Zumba, or even out Basic Combat Training a bad diet. It comes down to the right combination of proper nutrition (which for some will include supplements…I will never be able to support the muscle mass I have and desire to grow without protein supplements), the right portions, and ADEQUATE exercise. NO, you don’t need to kill yourself in the gym…but don’t fool yourself into thinking 20 minutes on the treadmill is getting you elite results either.

So no, I have never been considered obese, but I was overweight and uncomfortable in my own skin, I would decline a lot of social situations because I didn’t want to be judged, I would hide myself in jackets…I love a nice jacket for the sake of fashion…but I used to be the QUEEN of jackets and hoodies just because I felt they hid my body (looking at pictures I realize they didn’t hide as well as I thought). I had low self esteem and just didn’t feel like ME. I knew that wasn’t how I was supposed to be. I am SO glad that I DID SOMETHING ABOUT IT! Forever thankful for the people in my life who encouraged me and pushed me in the right direction. If you need a push in the right direction…I would love to help, just send me a message!



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