Worthy Wednesday

And so it continues…

I will often be making a negative comments disclaimer on Wednesday, but for this particular Worthy Wednesday cause, I don’t deem it necessary, as I know no one would dare say anything negative, because you all have a heart.

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital ❤

Yes…that’s a heart emoticon! I mean come on.

Did you know that St. Jude handles some of the toughest cases of Childhood cancer and other life threatening diseases?

What a HORRIBLE phrase…childhood cancer. I want to live in a world where no such thing exists…and St. Jude will keep on working until that happens whether it’s because of cures or because the world as we know it has ended. Either way, that’s a cause I can proudly stand behind!

Did you know that families NEVER receive a bill from St. Jude for treatment, travel expenses, housing, or food?

Did you know that this is possible because approximately 75% of the cost of running St. Jude daily is covered by donations, like the ones you make at almost every store a couple times a year. Most of us can spare a dollar. I’ve been in some pretty tight financial pickles in my life…and the fact is…even when I was kind of hungry…a dollar wasn’t going to change my life in any real meaningful way. If you take that dollar and it to a dollar from millions of other citizens of this great nation, it saves lives. The most precious lives of all…our children’s lives!

Did you know that so much needs to come from donors because only approximately 10% comes from grants, and very little is collected from insurance polices? Most of the cutting edge treatments St. Jude uses to save the most innocent of lives is not covered by insurance plans and not likely to be covered in the future.

Did you know the average cost to treat leukemia is more than $485,000? Do you know many families who could come up with that? I don’t. Not even if they put up their home for it. In the United States the average (median) home price, according to Zillow, is $183,500. That’s not even close to half the cost of treating childhood cancer and it takes most of us 30 years or more to pay that off!

St. Jude is on the cutting edge of research that has been and will continue to be used to treat children with life threatening diseases all over the world. Every time I donate whether it’s $1 or an amount I spend a lot more time thinking about and preparing for…I feel very blessed, honored, proud, and hopeful!

Consider donating the next time a cashier asks you, or visit http://www.stjude.org. God bless all children, healthy and sick, and all who help in any way. From the doctors, nurses, and researchers, to the janitorial staff, to the person who donates $1. Together, we are making the world a better place!


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