Something new…something from my heart….

I’ve decided to add something new to my sparse blog posts…I’m going to try to get this in EVERY week…WORTHY WEDNESDAY! Because I have a heart for helping and love, love, love charities and even more LOVE MAKING A DIFFERENCE.

I don’t want to hear about how the founder of any charity is a millionaire…keep those comments to yourself, I will gladly donate the clothes I would otherwise throw away if that millionaire is employing someone who otherwise wouldn’t be employed. What he/she does with their millions is between them and God.

Every Wednesday I am going to share a little bit of information about a worthy cause. Some people pick on me for giving money to people on the street who are begging. Some people tell me how it won’t be spend well, or if it’s not money…if i give food or gloves it will be thrown away…well I just don’t believe that is the truth in most cases, and you know what…if it is…again, not my problem. I’m doing what I think is right, treating others how I would want to be treated in their shoes. If they are lying about being in need, again…between them and God. While I think it is despicable to lie to take from those in need, I’m not the one those people have to answer to.

I will start today with a company that was recently presented to me for the first time. It’s a wonderful way to help people in need not only get on their feet but to EARN it. This company gives them a trade that they can feel proud of and EARN a better living.

Have you head of Trades of Hope? Trades of Hope partners with artisans who have learned a trade that will provide for their families and sells their goods via the home party platform to help these women put a roof over their heads and food on the table. They not only provide these women with the opportunities they would otherwise not have but they are sharing their stories. Many of the stories are of extreme unthinkable poverty, abuse, mutilation and worse. Unspeakable atrocities. My heart went out to these women the instant I started hearing their stories.

All of these stories touched my heart, but I will share a brief overview of two. The first story is of a couple who were looking to adopt a child. They ended up going to Haiti to adopt and when they got there for their child they learned that the child had parents who very much loved them. These parents are giving up their children simply in the hopes that their child will have food to eat. They simply cannot afford to give their child the care they deserve. Instead of simply adopting one or two children, this couple decided to DO SOMTHING MORE ABOUT IT. The Apparent Project now teaches parents to make beautiful jewelry out of cereal boxes which is then sold through Trades of Hope so the parents can provide their children with all the necessities they otherwise would have lacked.

Next I want to talk about Cambodian Artisans, particularly a woman named Jariyah. Jariyah, like many of the Cambodian Artisans was a victim of an “acid attack.” Yes, it is exactly what it sounds like. I actually think sharing her words explains far more than I could.

“My name is Jariya. One day someone flung a container of acid in my face. It burned my face, and ran down my body, dissolving both my skin and my life. The excruciating extensive burns threatened to take my life for months, and since then I have had to endure numerous surgeries to attempt to re-make my features/face to be normal again. I now have to live with the scarring of my face and body, and also with the scarring on my heart. I have consistently been the subject of mockery, hatred, rejection and curiosity, but rarely the subject of compassion or help. I am gradually trying to rebuild my life and to make a future for myself, but the only thing that gives me the courage to do that is that I know that I am not alone, and that I may be able to do something to help others. I am starting this small business to make goods by hand so that other women in my condition, many of whom are left to raise their children on their own, can have the chance to earn their own living in safety and some measure of self-respect.”

I ordered some beautiful pieces of jewelry that will remind me to DO MORE each time I wear them. The artisans have a variety of jewelry, scarves, personal goods, and home decor. It’s all truly lovely and very green! If you would like to get in touch with a Trades of Hope representative I recently met a wonderful woman I can put you in touch with. Her goal is to do her part to change the world! If we all do just a little bit more…can you even imagine???

In the weeks to come, just a few things that I love to support as regularly as I can and will probably share some information on:

-Wounded Warrior Project

-March of Dimes

-St. Jude’s

-Salvation Army



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