365 Days!

I’m VERY proud of myself. Not that it was hard by any means, but because I didn’t allow old habits to steam roll over my year. Today marks 365 DAYS STRAIGHT with my daily dose of dense nutrition. I have not missed a serving of Shakeology ALL YEAR! It wasn’t hard because it’s SERIOUSLY DELICIOUS! I crave it, but I could have got up in the morning and had some lucky charms, then decided I wanted a cinnamon roll, then gone out to lunch, chosen pizza for dinner, and ice cream for a snack…I would have been too full for a Shakeology. I DIDN’T DO THAT! I had my shake mostly every morning, but occasionally it was later in the day.

If you caught the dreaded bikini post, THAT’S the difference Shakeology has made for me! I used to kill myself over-training for mediocre results. Now that my nutrition is in a better place, I’m doing far better without running 6 miles every day and working out for an hour on top of that.

Results aside, I’m proud because I’ve proven to myself that I can make healthy choices, and they can be delicious. I can CRAVE them. I don’t have to make excuses and sit back and wait for life to happen to me. I can make life what I want from it. I can do anything I set my mind to. I am a machine, an athlete, a fitness professional, and I nourish my body. I’m so proud of my improved choices in 2015 and looking forward to an even healthier 2016!




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