10-2 Transformation Tuesday

10-2…it sounds like a dream job doesn’t it? Who wouldn’t love to work only 4 hours a day. Take your sweet time in the morning getting ready…have time for appointments and errands in the afternoon. Sounds WONDERFUL! Well…that’s not what we are going to talk about today. If I’m not talking about a dream work schedule then WHAT AM I TALKING ABOUT?

ME! MY JOURNEY. 10-2 is what happened to me several years ago. In 2007 I reached my highest weight and my confidence low. I was in a bad place with my health and had every excuse to put off getting healthy and things just got worse, fast. I was BUSTING OUT OF my size 10’s. NO I DON’T THINK THIS IS A BIG SIZE…but on my frame it was not healthy or comfortable or attractive. I know women who look better at a size 14 than I do at a size 2, but I have only ever been half a voluptuous woman…and it’s the wrong half to be carrying any extra weight! It just wasn’t ME. It wasn’t how I was supposed to look or who I was supposed to be.

I looked and felt awful. I spend HOURS trying on clothes, spent every dime on jackets to hide to my body. I wore a jacket everywhere I went in early 2008 in COLUMBUS, GA!!! It was like 105 degrees with 90% humidity and this fool was wearing a jacket! I started to fall in love with running thanks to a wonderful friend of mine. The weight SLOWLY started to come off…I started to pay a little more attention to what I was eating…the weight continued to SLOWLY come off. I got to a size 6 and felt like a new woman! I became SO much more confident but not confident enough…and I got stuck there. It’s not like I wasn’t working out, I was a soldier on active duty for crying out loud!

It was actually a killer PT program I did with another dear friend in training (WLC for my army peeps) that got me down to a size 6. You see, by this time I had been running a lot for a few months and had actually seen my PT score sky rocket…I was scoring very well. The soldier I went to WLC with was an NCO who I loved and admired (still do), together we decided to intentionally fail our PT test so we could be part of the remedial PT program we knew would help us lose weight…PRIORITIES PEOPLE! That was an amazing PT program that I will never forget and would re-live over and over if I could. I was THRILLED to be a size 6 but still not totally comfortable in my own skin.

Then the same friend who helped me become a runner, (yes…I’m a runner!!!) introduced me to P90X. It was hard but I fell in love! Before I knew it I was a size 5, then 4, then 3, then 2, oh…and I was scoring a perfect PT test!!! I have remained a size 2 since early 2009. I am finally comfortable in my own skin and while I LOVE boots and jackets as a fashion addiction…I do NOT wear jackets all year round to hide myself.

Just to be clear…I DO NOT THINK every woman should be a size 2, I know that is small…but I have a small frame. It’s where I look, feel, and perform the best. I simply wanted to share a small part of my journey with you. I just want you to know YOU CAN DO WHATEVER YOU SET YOUR MIND TO!

This isn’t just about weight or a pant size…or even being FAST AND STRONG…getting in shape has helped me have the confidence to go after what I want in other avenues of life as well. Whatever makes YOU happy why not go after it? Whether it’s a weight/size goal, a fitness goal like a PR in running, swimming, or cycling, more reps in a workout, higher weights, etc or a career goal, a relationship goal…If something is broke FIX IT!  Be willing to let go of what’s good for what’s BETTER! LIVE FEARLESSLY!


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