It’s been a while…

I know I’ve been MIA for a while…but I’m back to talk about BODY BEAST! I’ve survived the build and bulk phases so far and have gained, YOU HEARD ME…INTENTIONALLY GAINED some weight. I’m trying to add a good bit of muscle mass. I am now in the BEAST phase which is where you carve it out. After a 6 week cardio deprivation (which is HARD for soemone born to run) I’m back in the cardio game and ready to slim down. This is in part to prep for The Masters Hammer & Chisel coming in DECEMBER and in part because WHY NOT? You all know I love a good physical challenge and Sagi Kalev knows how to dish it out!

Stay tuned for my results in the next few weeks! Also, I will be sampling Hammer & Chisel soon and giving my review on that. I’m very excited and fully expect to love it!



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