Shaun T, you are BANANA’S YO! Inanity Max:30…I am STILL ALIVE!

So, you may have heard me talking about how I was doing Insanity Max:30 and if you know anything at all about the program, you are probably wondering if I have survived. Well, I am pleased to announce I have made it through 5 weeks and still going strong—ish. I’m sore, I’m sore, I’m sore, and I feel AMAZING! I was no stranger to Shaun T’s grueling workouts so I had a pretty good idea of what to expect, but this…this takes the cake! Shaun has me punching, pushing, jumping, lunging, and squatting myself half to death and I LOVE IT! It is A MUST for anyone who loves a challenge, any athlete, or anyone looking to increase speed and endurance. I am a runner and will be posting how this program impacted my running after I finish the next few weeks, but I can already tell it’s good! I have lost a few pounds despite having increased my caloric intake in order to maintain my weight.

Is it hard? YES!

Is it for beginners? I wouldn’t recommend it to most beginners BUT it depends on the person. If you understand that you can modify and that LITERALLY EVERY REP counts, if you go ONE SECOND longer or do ONE MORE rep that is progress. If you are ready to DIG DEEP with the right mindset and free from injury, I say if you want to do it…GO FOR IT!

Will it help you lose weight? ABSOLUTELY!

Will it help build strength? YES!

Is it worth it? YOU BET!

I am on a roll, are you brave enough to join me???


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