Hi! HAPPY NEW YEAR! How did 2014 treat you? It was not bad for me, the second half most definitely better than the first. In June when I became a health & fitness coach it CHANGED MY LIFE. You see the first part of the year I was sitting around not happy with many circumstances in my life and waiting for something to change. Then I decided to MAKE SOMETHING CHANGE. I decided to TAKE CONTROL of my circumstances. I am now better off professionally and financially, closer to many of my personal goals. and much healthier and more fit! I feel like I am rambling here but the moral of my story is YOU CAN make 2015 YOUR YEAR! I intend to make 2015 even better than the year now in our rear-view mirrors. Let’s eat clean, train mean, keep drinking that AMAZING Shakeology and keep pushing play every day. Set goals and ATTACK THEM with all you’ve got. Cheers!


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