Are you in a workout rut?

Did you ever find yourself in a workout rut? You love your program but just can’t seem to make the time to stick to it? Did you get sick and just get used to skipping workouts? You were getting great results and slacked off because you got close enough to your goals to “cut yourself some slack”??? Whatever the reason, here are some of the tips I use most to dig myself out of a rut (Which I try to keep to a maximum of 3 days!)

-SHAKE IT UP…Have an alternative program, or if you are like me, MANY lol. I run, I do P90X, Insanity, Les Mills, Brazil Butt Lift, Body workouts, I used to get exercise tv until Comcast changed their line up, and of course being a soldier (yes, I have been out of service for 2 years but I will always consider myself a soldier) I always do push ups and sit ups! Changing your workout even for one day can really shake things up and every time I go back to an old program I realize I missed it and love it a lot!

-BUY YOURSELF SOMETHING NEW! Nothing gets me going like some new workout gear. A pair of running or training shoes, new tights, a new tank, my FAVORITE Nike sports bras, even headbands or athletic socks.

-CRACK DOWN ON NUTRITION. If you really buckle down for even a few days on your nutrition you will feel better and may even start seeing new results. This is usually enough to catapult you forward!

-GET AN ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER! Team up with a friend to hold each other accountable even for just a week until you are back on track.

-CONSIDER JOINING A CHALLENGE. Many times a church, or even your office will have a biggest loser type challenge. You could also challenge yourself by signing up for a race. As a health & fitness coach I run online fitness challenges. Typically 60 day challenges but often 1 week clean eating or 21 day challenges as well. Check out my facebook page if you would like to join!


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