So, you have been working out and eating right. You are feeling proud of yourself. Things are finally going right for you! THEN OUT OF NOWHERE it hits you, the dreaded CRAVINGS. You want to bake cookies or brownies. No, you want ice cream, or is it cake you want? Maybe you could just pretend it is your birthday and have both? I was there just an hour ago! I was so tempted to go out in the FREEZING cold and get something disgustingly bad for me! Something I would quickly regret and beat myself up over when I look in the mirror tomorrow morning. I want to share with you, some of my favorite go-to sweet snack ideas. Tonight it was vegan chocolate Shakeology because I wanted CHOCOLATE and perhaps ice cream. Here is my list:

First let’s go over an important vocabulary word- Cleanut butter: Clean peanut butter, this is a natural peanut butter without strange chemicals or loaded with sugar/sugar substitutes.

-Apple slices w/ cleanut butter

-Greek yogurt w/ fruit or berries

-Raspberries with organic pure cocoa chips stuffed in them

-A banana, banana w/ cleanut butter, or yonanas

-Raisins or trail mix

-Spinach & fruit smoothie


-Cleanut butter & jelly sandwich on whole grain (sugar free) bread

-The “cookies” pictured here, at first I was not a fan, but they grew on me fast and I am on my third bag in as many weeks

cookiesI hope this helps to keep you on track. What’s your favorite healthy treat???


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