Why should we ditch the dirty?

I have been a fitness enthusiast for about 7 years now, I enjoy the most grueling of workouts. I am an avid runner and LOVE P90X & Insanity. When it comes to a workout or classes at a gym, you name it… I have tried it. Last winter I did 60 days of Insanity and I got faster & stronger. My stamina went through the roof, but I did not lose a pound! Why? Because my nutrition was NOT on point. I was a “healthy” eater but my body requires a strict handle on nutrition to show results. It TRULY is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise. What has made the difference for me? In July I started eating clean, focusing on complete nutrition and continued with my intense workouts. The result? So far I have lost 10 pounds! So take it from me boys and girls we eat absolute garbage in this country, ditch the junk and nourish your bodies instead. This topic reminds me of a Wal*Mart trip a few years ago, the person in front of me in line purchased a trash can, Doritos, soda pop, and donuts. The cashier said, holding up the trash can, “Can I just throw it all in here?” She meant instead of a bagging it,  but I thought, “Well, yes…that is exactly where it belongs” Let’s stop poisoning ourselves and start feeding our bodies what we need. Ditch the dirty and EAT CLEAN!


One thought on “Why should we ditch the dirty?”

  1. I love that Walmart story. I remember when you first told me about it the night it happened. I thought how funny and neither the cashier or the customer had a clue how appropriate the question was. It’s so hard to stay on point with your nutrition, but just think how easy it will be for your children because they will learn to eat healthy from a young age. I wish I had done it for you and your siblings.

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